Urinary difficulties in men (BPH)

Urination problems can be caused by a variety of factors. Whether it’s frequent urination or a weak stream, our doctors can help give you guidance on what’s going on, as well as what to do about it.

Urinary symptoms from an enlarged prostate or BPH is the leading reason men visit a urologist. As the prostate enlarges it can block the urethra and cause:

  • Frequent urination (day and night)
  • Weak stream
  • Urinary dribbling
  • Feelings of urgency

An evaluation with a VirtuCare specialist includes:

  • An examination of your diet, bladder habits, medical conditions and current medications
  • Prescription medications if necessary.
  • Connection with the closest surgeon to discuss the latest minimally-invasive surgical treatment options.


Getting older doesn’t mean you have to live with BPH. Get back to living the life you deserve.

Meet some of our doctors

Our specialists are board certified, experienced in patient care, and chosen for their bedside manner. We are aware of the everyday obstacles in daily life that can make it difficult to seek out medical assistance, so we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional care virtually.

Dr. Joseph Pazona

Nashville, TN
Dr. Joseph Pazona is a board certified Urologist and the Founder and President of VirtuCare.

Dr. Katherine Klos

Washington, DC
Dr. Katherine Klos is a board certified Urologist practicing in Washington, DC.

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