Kidney stones

Our doctors can give you guidance on treatment options, and how to get over the pain as soon as possible. Schedule a call with us today and start on the path to relief.

Kidney stone symptoms include: severe pain, nausea/vomiting, and urinary difficulties. After passing a stone, most people go back to everyday life. However, 50% of people will have another kidney stone.

Our team of specialists at VirtuCare believe that prevention is the best medicine. Our experts will:

  • Listen to your concerns, obtain a detailed history and order appropriate tests
  • Discuss a preventative kidney stone diet
  • Prescribe medications if necessary

Kidney stone relief doesn’t have to be painful. Don’t just treat the symptom, fix the problem.

Meet some of our doctors

Our specialists are board certified, experienced in patient care, and chosen for their bedside manner. We are aware of the everyday obstacles in daily life that can make it difficult to seek out medical assistance, so we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional care virtually.

Dr. Joseph Pazona

Nashville, TN
Dr. Joseph Pazona is a board certified Urologist and the Founder and President of VirtuCare.

Dr. Katherine Klos

Washington, DC
Dr. Katherine Klos is a board certified Urologist practicing in Washington, DC.

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