Hospital Partnerships  

Is your hospital system struggling to recruit and retain quality urologists? We can help. Virtucare is a telehealth solution that brings the urologist to you.


What is VirtuCare?

VirtuCare is a telemedicine company that provides hospitals with innovative solutions to physician shortages. 


Why do you need VirtuCare?

Urologists are in short supply. Yet the demand for their services are increasing. Traditional recruitment strategies and locum tenens are not providing your hospital with the consistent, high-quality coverage that your hospital needs. As a result, patients are leaving your community to find healthcare elsewhere.



How does VirtuCare help?

Our team listens to determine the specific needs of your hospital. After a thorough intake, we develop a customized proposal for telemedicine and in-person coverage of your acute, inpatient and outpatient settings. 

Imagine having a well-trained urologist seeing patients virtually in minutes. Now imagine that same urologist traveling to your hospital for an in-person clinic and operative day. We can help make this a reality.

With VirtuCare you will provide your community with access to medical experts which keeps care local and maintains trust in your hospital which improves your revenue stream.




Who is VirtuCare?

VirtuCare was founded by Dr. Joe Pazona, a board-certified urologist with over a decade of experience in patient care. He has practiced in rural and urban settings across the country, which allows his team to understand your specific healthcare needs. 

Dr. Pazona practices with an obsession for exceptional patient care. He has an experienced network of urologists ready to deliver similar care within your community.  

VirtuCare also includes an implementation team with decades of healthcare experience, to deliver a seamless integration with your healthcare system. If and when problems should arise, then we will be there for you.

With VirtuCare you will:

Provide your community with access to medical experts which keeps care local and maintains trust in your hospital which improves your revenue stream.


We are not a locum tenens company. If you only want in-person  coverage, then we are not the best fit. If you want comprehensive care through  remote and in-person services, then we’d love to be part of your team.

Exceptional Patient Care

Your patients are our priority. Whether remote or in person, we provide your patients with expert, compassionate care.


Exceptional service does not stop with your patients. You are our  priority as well. We accomplish this by listening to your needs and  communicating with positivity, honesty, and transparency. 


Interested in learning more about a partnership with VirtuCare? Hear from one of our partners.